Espresso Fino

Posted 28/08/2014


Address: 222 Gold Avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
Website: facebook page
Wi-Fi: Sorry, we didn't ask, we were too excited to find good coffee.
Terrasse: A few tables on the sidewalk.
Distance du Métro: No subway in this city, but the bus costs 1$ a ride! Steps aways from the downtown bus terminal.
Parking vélo: N/A
Passport Drinks List: N/A
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Espresso Fino is a Third Wave gem in Albuquerque, New Mexico.





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4/ 5

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What she thought

At the end of July we visited my daughter in New Mexico, a state very different than California from where I hail. After 2 full days with no latte of any kind and, in fact, no coffee to speak of (one sip of Michel’s filtered coffee with cream and sugar does not a latte make!), I was in a state of latte desperation. Seeing my rapidly declining mood, Michel quickly determined the location of the nearest Third Wave café in Albuquerque; there are not many—2 or 3 maybe. We implored my daughter to take us there before our planned activities of the day. Fortunately, she had pity on her “coffee snob mom” (her words not mine).

Discovering Espresso Fino, just a 10-minute car ride from our hotel, felt like finding some rare and beautiful jewel in Albuquerque’s coffee desert of Starbucks, diner-style coffee shops, and—the horrror!—McDonald’s. As we walked through the door, I felt like I was walking into one of the “espresso joints” here in Montréal: lots of people enjoying what looked to be good coffee, chatting with the barista, getting ready to start their day.

  • Coffee: I ordered a latte (what a relief!) to go. The first sip was heaven, partly because of the two-day coffee drought and partly because it was indeed a balanced, flavorful espresso. The barista Pablo, who is also the owner’s son, explained that they get their coffee from a Santa Fe coffee roaster called Agapao. Agapao uses organic, chemical free beans. What I liked most about the coffee was its smooth and somewhat nutty flavor that blended well with the milk. As evidenced from the photo below, the foam was perfect, lining the cup and leaving evidence of the latte art resting at the bottom. Since I ordered in a to-go cup, I had to use a coffee stirrer to fully experience that heavenly blend of coffee crema and milk.
  • Seating: Espresso Fino offers some seating inside the café—two or three tables, some with chairs others with stools; a bar along the wall and the storefront window with stool seating. Outside is a “sidewalk terrace,” offering several tables with chairs. Two well-placed, colorful umbrellas offer shade to those patrons who want to enjoy downtown Albuquerque while sipping their espresso.
  • Atmosphere: The café has an upbeat and coffee-focused atmosphere. Pablo and his sister Nina are very personable and extremely friendly. Pablo is quite knowledgeable about what he is pouring. He also has a really good memory. When we returned to the café a few days later, Pablo recalled his recommendation that Michel try their 8-ounce latte.

Final Thoughts: If you are looking for a well-poured Third Wave latte in Albuquerque, Espresso Fino is definitely the place you want to go!

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The finale of Espresso Fino’s latte: Perfection in a cup!

Ce qu’il en pense

Même en voyage, nous aimons découvrir les cafés indépendants qui préparent le divin breuvage avec passion. À Albuquerque, au Nouveau-Mexique, nous avons débusqué le tout jeune Espresso Fino. La Troisième vague des cafés en est à ses balbutiements dans cette ville, les bouteilles de sirops aromatiques qui trônaient sur les tablettes répondent probablement à une certaine demande locale, mais elles avaient de quoi faire fuir les puristes.

Nous avons commandé le plus petit format de latté offert : le verre de 12 oz. La texture du latté était parfaite, j’ai félicité le jeune homme sur sa technique de moussage. Le goût du café était trop effacé, on m’a alors offert l’option 8 oz., pour la prochaine fois.

Espresso Fino est tenu par Greg, le propriétaire, et ses deux enfants, Pablo et Nina, tous sympathiques. À notre deuxième visite, j’ai commandé le 8 oz. et tous les trois s’en souvenaient! Avec la même dose de café, mais moins de lait, le goût du café était maintenant mieux mis en valeur. Le mélange avait cependant beaucoup moins de corps que la première fois. L’endroit utilise un café torréfié à Santa Fe par Agapao ; il n’avait rien de particulièrement mémorable, mais était quand même satisfaisant.

  • Le café (latté): j’ai préféré les proportions du 8 oz. pour le goût. Résultats variables pour la texture du lait.
  • Les lieux: un peu à l’étroit pour commander, on peut relaxer quelques minutes assis à une table, sur le trottoir. On est au centre-ville, mais c’est sommes toutes, assez calme.
  • Le personnel: accueillant, une bonne mémoire, connait les clients par leur nom.
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Format 8oz. ; moins de lait, plus de goût.