Upcycling your coffee bags into a transit pass holder

Posted 21/03/2018 by admin in Le Blogue
The Green side of the Card Holder

The “Green side” of the Card Holder

The White side of the Card Holder

The “White side” of the Card Holder

The inside of the Card Holder

The inside of the Card Holder

The Card Holder with my transit pass

The Card Holder with my transit pass

Making something useful out of those empty pretty coffee bags

I appreciate the effort that is put on the design of coffee bags. I never know if the bags I put in my recycling bin will end up in the landfill. Here’s a project idea to put some of those empty coffee bags to good use.

Note that the bags that have a metal film on the inside prevent the cards to be tapped. For this project, I have used bags that do not use a metal film. The panels of those bags are also more easily pulled apart.

First, pull the panels of the bags apart at the seams. The front panels of the Stumptown bags have the exact width you will need. The Verve bags also have neat graphics on the different panels. In order to have the outside of the card holder made from two different bags, I had to stitch the two panels together. I was careful not to also stitch the inside panels right in the middle, where the holder bends, to not make it too bulky in that area.

I glued the inside and the outside back to back using this type of double stick tape. I then glued some vinyl windows over the inside panels. The vinyl I used was actually a thick zip-lock bag. The trim was made out of a Pallet coffee bag side panel. The strips were cut to half an inch width, the folded in two, double-sided tape was applied to the strips and the strips were glued to the card holder’s edges prior to stitching.

I used some cheap thread for the project, I’m sure that you can improve the looks with better thread, more skills and a better technique.



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